Support Us

La Casita de la Salud welcomes all forms of support, whether it is operational, clinical, or monetary.  Donations help us to maintain our operations and provide quality care to the uninsured and underserved population of East Harlem. Without the generous support of individuals, La Casita could not continue its important community role.

If you are interested in making a tax-deductible 501(c)(3) donation to our non-profit organization, please contact our Treasurer:

Arjun Syal

La Casita de la Salud would not have been possible without the generous help and enthusiasm of many individuals and organizations over the years. We would like to extend our thanks and sincerest gratitude to the following people for helping to make our efforts a reality. (By no means are the lists exhaustive!).

2011-2012 Physician Volunteers

Dr. Pranav Mehta
Dr. Barbara Koppel
Dr. Yemisi Ariyibi
Dr. Roger Chirurgi
Dr. Monica Parraga
Dr. Rachel Liu
Dr. Ray Phillips
Dr. Martha Grayson
Dr. Richard Stone

Dr. Elliott Perla
Dr. Montgomery Douglas
Dr. Hilary Ma
Dr. Ray Whitt
Dr. Carrie Wasserman
Dr. Jonna Mercado
Dr. Christopher Lobaito
Dr. Glenys Merette

Supporters, Contributors, and Friends

Dr. Richard Stone
Dr. Pranav Mehta
Dr. Joseph Halbach
Dr. Joan Liman
Dr. Stephen Peterson
Dr. Elliott Perla
Louis Martir
Rev. Msgr. Harry C. Barrett
Dr. Ralph O’Connell
Dr. Susan Kline
Dr. Gladys Ayala
Dean Tony Sozzo
Ida Betsy Mendez
Dr. Cathey Falvo
Dr. Wei-Nchih Lee
Dr. Jose Rosa
Dr. Maggie Smith
Dr. Martha S. Grayson
Dr. Tamara Caithamer
Dr. Nelky Ramirez
Dr. Sudesh Srivastava
Dr. Dionysia Mamais-Raptis
Dr. Anke Jacobs
Dr. Karen Edwards
Jason DiNardi
Dr. Lori Weir
Dr. Sansar Sharma
Annette Choolfaian
Dr. Wilbert Aronow
John Hammond
Raymond Chin
David Meise
Kevin R. Cummings
Carlos Diaz
Donna Moriarty
Pat Monahan
Carol Ng
The Newman Foundation
Dr. Lily Lam
Mount Sinaia’s EHHOP Clinic
Albert Einstein’s ECHO Clinic
Evelyn Abreu
Neusa Alshuk
Abigail Nunez
Mike Melendez
Elizabeth Martucci
Carlos Martinez & NYU Students
Kristina Walters
Dr. Jan Geliebter
Dr. Victor Fried
Dr. Daniel Peters
Stephen Stagon
Liz Keedy
Virginia Argenio
Adriane Argenio
Daniel Castellanos
Janeva Waked
Allyson Brantley
Maria Eduardo Cardoso
Katherine Rehberger
Ryan O’Connor
Megan Colbert
Ken and Karen Higgins
Jennifer Kang
Joey Brown
Mark Durst
Irene Stover
Lore W. Demone
Susan Hellauer
Scott M. Donnelly
Marjorie A. Rosmonowski
Robert P. Gruffi
Caitlin Erdle
Chris O’Donnell
Erin Moore
William Stuart
Sean Crowe
Matthew Lind
Cheri McKenzie
David Ganske
Mehdi Kabir
Chad Ganske
Sarah Hunt
Dennis Rudnick
Scott McBride
Michael Soens
Robert J. DeGroot
Michael S. Querner
Thomas M. Varley
Barry D. McGinnis
NYMC Student Senate
The NYMC Arrhythmias
Nicole G. Kravec
Catherine M. Overman
Debra A. Querner
Margaret M. Querner
Michael Sonnenberg
Joan Quinn
JM Crowe
Kelly Sonnenberg
Yahuan and Jean Lou
Steve Hauger
Adam Phillips
Philip Ito
Carol Fischer-Sonnenberg
Serena Lee
Bridget Keating
Mark Witte
Joseph LaMantia
Jonathan Freeman
David and Lori Weinreich
Mitchell Morey
Randy Freeman
Jed Shiraki
Marc Weinreich
Amy B. Smith
Eileen O. Argenio
Linda Sonnenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Forman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Gruffi
Noelle Ito
Alice Seidman
Brad Seidman
Doug Seidman
Jake Swanke
Robin Donohue
Janell Swanke
Sang Han
Brian Weinreich
Ray and Myer Seidman
Gayle Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Olson
Carol M. Marques
Patrice Sonnenberg
Thomas Vance
Matthew Decker
Sebastian Bonner
Dena Higgins